Saturday, November 1, 2008

a new book we all should read

This book isn't out yet, but I think we all should read it as soon as it is:


Eileen Joy said...

I have dutifully pre-ordered a copy. It looks right up my/our [mour] alley.

vidabierta said...

This is an odd comment, more of a question -- I am a friend of Julie Granum's, a roommate from college. I last saw her in Pittsburgh in late November of last year. At the time she was enthralled with a young poet who wrote with lots of overheard phrases. He was going to be coming as a guest lecturer or professor or something.

It's funny how we focus on these things, months afterward, wracking our brain for some name.

I saw her in many of her incarnations, but perhaps all of you in Pittsburgh experienced the best, the most full. The sated.

My email is - if you have any thoughts on the unnamed poet, I'd love to revisit the work.