Monday, May 12, 2008

dan does, in fact, write poems

A few people commented to me at Kalamazoo this year that I do not ever put my poems on my Blog. Yes, I don't. And those who have asked me have generally recieved decent enough responses, I think. But, I thought it would not help to offer to guide folks to some of the publications of my work in verse which are electronic and not print--or at least not exlcusively print.

These poems, at Sidebrow, are part of a really interesting approach to a journal (electronic and print) which is electronic and is so in a way to promote at least some level of multi-authorship and collaboration in a genre that so rarely sees anything like that. Check out their own info on themselves, and the other work on the site. this is a poem in which augustine is a character this is a letter to julian of norwich la fovea is a poetry chain journal. so if you follow the chain my work is in you can see work from from of my poet-friends/colleagues.

Hope you like some of the work.

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Seth said...

Hey Daniel,

First, an apology. Your site should be in my regular rotation of the 'internetz.'

Second, a compliment. Your writing is important. I look forward to experiencing it.