Monday, March 31, 2008

news on my future

So, friends. It will be official as soon as the institution receives my 'official' response in the mail, that when I finish this MFA thing next month I will not be done being a student, in those official institutional capacities. Instead, I will go to New York and undertake a Ph.D. at NYU.

I really have to say, I think NYU and I will get along just fine. I am happy to get to work with a number of new colleagues and the NYU faculty, having met at least one of them (of the student variety) already electronically by means of the folks over at ITM .


Jennifer Lynn Jordan said...

Hey! I'm currently at NYU for an MA! Welcome to the fold. What is your PhD going to be in?

Mary Kate Hurley said...

Congrats! Glad to hear you'll be joining us in the Big City!

Jeffrey J Cohen said...

An excellent choice!!

Liza said...


Looking forward to having you here.

dan remein said...


i will be in the english dept., under the auspices of 'medieval studies.'